Decorating For Christmas - Ideas And Gin-spiration

A chill is in the air, the Christmas tunes are starting to live rent free in your head, and the fruit bowl is full of chocolate. Meaning: it’s time for some Christmas tree decoration ideas! That day when you’ll scramble up to the loft and dust off the decorations box is getting ever closer, so now’s the time for some Christmas tree decorating inspiration! Because even though you love that cardboard Santa bauble you made when you were five (your mum probably loves it more), your Christmas décor may be in need of a spruce up.


Gin Baubles Make The Best Christmas Decorations


Inevitably, this is the time of year you’ll find yourself needing Christmas tree decoration ideas, and if you’re partial to a few Christmas drinks (and who isn’t?) we’ve got the perfect suggestion: gin baubles!

If you're sold already, click here to order your Smugglers Gin Baubles with free delivery! If you're looking for more Christmas decorating inspo, then read on...

Edible/drinkable tree decorations such as chocolate baubles or gin baubles are a popular addition to your Christmas tree, not only because they taste delicious, but because Christmas, food and drink go together like a great Winter Gin and tonic. Therefore hanging chocolates, gingerbread or gin on the Christmas tree is the perfect Christmas tree decorating idea! The best edible/drinkable Christmas tree decorations are those that taste incredible, are perfect for sharing, and look beautiful hanging on the tree.


Sustainably Made, Handcrafted Gin Inside


That’s why we recommend Smugglers Gin Baubles. Brand new for Christmas 2022, these stunning gin baubles are the perfect Christmas tree decoration idea. They look enchanting on the tree, and contain six truly special sustainably-made Scottish handcrafted gins, each a different flavour and making for a magical festive treat in the run-up to the big day!

It's also time to start thinking about Christmas gifts! If you've got a gin-lover in your family/friendship circle check out our list of ideas for the perfect gin gifts!


Six Baubles, Six Flavours


Each gin flavour can be enjoyed and savoured as you countdown to Christmas. Let’s face it: decorating the Christmas tree is thirsty work! If you have family and friends over to help put up the tree, reward them after a long day of decorating with zesty G&Ts made with award-winning Smugglers Gin (click here for the recipe)! We know you’ve only just put the bauble on the tree - but it’s never too early to start drinking the gin baubles! Each bauble contains two 25ml serves, so there’ll be plenty to go around. (Still you might want to get a couple of boxes just in case… you can never have enough gin baubles after all!)


Gin Bauble #1: Smugglers Gin


Fragrant with strong juniper undertones and fresh notes of citrus and pine, Smugglers Gin is a crisp, refreshing London Dry Gin. Winner of bronze awards at the World Gin Awards 2 years running and described by judges as "smooth, clean and classic".


Always Have Gin To Hand At Christmas


An important recommendation: always have gin to hand throughout the festive season, whether it’s on your home bar or hanging on your Christmas tree; you never know when the need to make a gin cocktail may arise! Savour fruity cocktails made with the Strawberry, Raspberry and Orange gins inside your gin baubles, the perfect flavours for a fun festive party when the inevitable unexpected Christmas guests show up.

For cocktail inspiration take a look at our serves - a bespoke collection of cocktails using Smugglers Gins that you can make at home.


Gin Bauble #2: Orange Gin


The warming zest of orange peel combines with herbaceous juniper, coriander, winter savory and angelica root for a festive citrus infusion. Pairs well with lemonade or a light tonic.


Gin Bauble #3: Raspberry Gin


A lively, fruity gin that’s made for sharing, Smugglers Raspberry Gin is equal parts sweet and tart. Deliciously gin-forward, the Scottish-grown botanicals contribute a smooth complexity to this vibrant flavour.


Gin Bauble #4: Strawberry Gin


Fresh, juicy strawberries balance hand harvested botanicals from the Scottish Pentland Hills, resulting in a herbaceous, fruity, refreshingly gin-forward taste.


Gin-spiration: It’s (Literally) In The Decorations


Smugglers Gin Baubles are also perfect for Navy Strength gin lovers, you’ll want to find a prominent place on the tree for the Old Sins Gin, ready to be served up with spicy ginger ale. Nothing like a strong gin & ginger to get you into the Christmas spirit.


Gin Bauble #5: Old Sins Gin


Perfect for those captivating festive parties, Old Sins Gin packs a punch at 57.5% ABV. Winner of a silver award at this year's World Gin Awards, this is a floral and herbaceous gin made rebelliously with opium poppy. Don’t worry, the psychedelic properties have been distilled out, but it may* leave you tipsy.

*Will definitely

The true pièce de résistance of this beautiful box of gin baubles is the Winter Gin. This warming, festive gin can be saved for Christmas Eve to gently warm and relax before the big day with a soothing Gin and Cranberry warmer - click here for recipe! Equally it’s fantastic with tonic or lemonade at a vivacious Christmas party! (Just suggestions of course, there are no rules when it comes to gin baubles!)


Gin Bauble #6: Winter Gin


A seasonal mix of naturally grown, hand harvested spice botanicals emulate the distinctive flavours we associate with frosty days and nights. Nothing says “Winter Gin” quite like a cosy mix of warming Cinnamon, Ginger and Cranberry.


Don’t Miss Out!


If you’ve been inspired to add gin baubles to your Christmas tree this year then don’t miss out! Our Smugglers Gin Baubles are flying out of our store, so click here to order yours now, with free delivery for the festive season! Then simply admire them on the tree, share them with friends, make delicious cocktails – and most importantly, have a gin-tastic Christmas!

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