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Smuggler's Strawberry Gin

Introduced as a colourful celebration of natural flavour for Edinburgh's festivals, our vibrant flavoured gins are here to stay. Smugglers Strawberry Gin is a World Gin Award winning, mouth-watering, full-strength flavoured gin.

The blend of hand harvested botanicals with sweet strawberry juice is fresh, juicy and nostalgic - a flavour reminiscent of Scottish summertime. Real fruit gives a vibrant natural colour. This bottle makes an irresistible gift for a flavoured gin lover!

38% ABV
Max Stock: 18
Gold / Country Winner World Gin Awards 2023

"Grassy and floral honeysuckle nose with off-sweet fleshy apricot. Well balanced with an oily, almost milky palate, could be bison grass. Good length and complexity"

Judge's Tasting Notes, World Gin Awards
Strawberry Gin Review Very Easy To Drink And Refreshing

"This has a really good flavour, the strawberry is pleasant without being cloying. I'd go so far as to say this is THE nicest gin I have ever tasted!! It is gorgeous. With ice, two or three fresh English strawberries, a slice of cucumber, and a splash of tonic. It actually tastes of real strawberry, not artificial flavouring. It's the kind of drink you'd enjoy at a BBQ or relaxing on a Saturday afternoon; it's light and easy to drink. Heavenly. If everyone bought me a bottle of this for my birthday, I would be very pleased. I recommend this to anyone wanting to try a flavoured gin."

Miss S, Smugglers Customer
Strawberry Gin Review Strawberry Gin

"Wow, what a flavour. I can taste the strawberries. What more can I say? It is full of promise - would be nice for a get-together. Delicious."

Verity, Smugglers Customer
Smugglers Spirits | Hand Crafted Gin & Whiskey | Small Batch Spirits
The Experience

TAsting Notes

Juniper, coriander, winter savory and angelica root contribute refreshing herbaceous notes to this fresh, juicy gin, balancing the sweetness of succulent strawberries so the palate isn’t overpowered. Thanks to its deliciously gin-forward, vibrant nature, this gin pairs well with any premium mixer. The carefully hand-harvested, Scottish botanicals from the Pentland Hills give our Strawberry Gin the signature smoothness and complexity that characterise our range at Smugglers Spirits. 
citrus citrus
juniper juniper
coriander coriander
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