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Smuggler's Raspberry Gin

Introduced as a colourful celebration of natural flavour for Edinburgh's festivals, our vibrant flavoured gins are here to stay. Smugglers Raspberry Gin features notes of soft juniper, silky orange blossom, and of course, juicy raspberries.

This small batch flavoured gin is light-bodied, smooth and 100% natural. Handcrafted in the Pentlands with Scottish botanicals and the invigorating juice of fresh raspberries. Real raspberries settle, so we recommend a quick shake of the bottle before serving neat over ice or with a premium light tonic.

38% ABV
Max Stock: 17
Bronze World Gin Awards 2023

"Gentian on the nose with rooty, dry florals. Underlying silky citrus, creamy orange blossom and soft juniper, balance beautifully with a lush mouthfeel and dry finish."

Judge's Tasting Notes, World Gin Awards
Raspberry Gin Review Lovely Light, Fresh Raspberry Gin. Love It.

"Coupled with a good Indian tonic, lots of ice and some raspberries as an extra it’s delicious! The raspberry flavour isn’t so overpowering, you get notes of other flavours. A very slight peppery note at the end makes it a very easy yet interesting gin to drink. I've tried other Raspberry gins and not finished the bottle but this one is worth the extra few pounds it’s done so well."

Brews & Donuts, Smugglers Customer
Raspberry Gin Review Fruity

"This was very nice, had sip straight and was strong but could taste the raspberry flavour, i mixed with tonic and was a very pleasant drink, usually have standard gin and tonic, so was nice to have added flavour of the raspberry."

Dan, Smugglers Customer
Smugglers Spirits | Hand Crafted Gin & Whiskey | Small Batch Spirits
The Experience

TAsting Notes

Subtly sweet and with the lively tang of fresh raspberries, the gin is balanced by its base of herbaceous juniper, coriander, winter savory and angelica root botanicals. Thanks to its deliciously gin-forward, vibrant nature, this refreshing raspberry flavoured gin pairs well with any premium mixer. The carefully hand-harvested, Scottish botanicals from the Pentland Hills give our Raspberry Gin the signature smoothness and complexity that characterise our range at Smugglers Spirits.
citrus citrus
juniper juniper
coriander coriander
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