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Navy Strength
Smugglers Spirits New

Old Sins Gin

Old Sins Navy Strength Gin is handcrafted in small batches, inspired by the Scottish spirit smugglers of the 18th century and their thrilling lives on the edge. Delicately distilled and brimming with fragrant botanicals, the rebellious infusion of opium poppy, dark violet and rose petals results in a deep purple tone. When mixed, the gin undergoes a visually stunning natural reaction, transforming the colouration to scarlet red. This Navy Strength gin is perfect for cocktails, and delivers an unforgettable tasting experience.

50 CL
57.5% ABV
Max Stock: 37
Smugglers Spirits New
The Experience

TAsting Notes

Lemon Verbena, Lemon Balm, Scots Lovage, Geranium, Opium Poppy, Juniper, Coriander Seeds, Angelica Root & Winter Savory. This dynamic mix of botanicals are grown locally on the outskirts of Edinburgh amongst the beautiful Pentland Hills. Naturally grown and hand-harvested, the botanicals combine to create a timeless taste that encapsulates feelings of excitement and exhilaration. Old Sins Gin has plenty of kick at 57.5% ABV, but thanks to the expressive botanicals it remains beautifully balanced and presents endless possibilities for mixology experimentation. The gin pairs excellently with tonic, and is also extremely enjoyable all on its own.
lemon verbena lemon verbena
coriander coriander
lemon balm lemon balm
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