Smugglers Gin & Tonic
Smugglers Gin & Tonic
Smugglers Gin & Tonic
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Smugglers Gin & Tonic

Smugglers Gin
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Premium Tonic Water
Lemon Wedge
Highball Glass
There’s nothing like a classic G&T to bring out the best in the crisp Scottish botanicals in Smugglers Gin. We recommend pairing our award-winning Smugglers Gin with a premium tonic water to enjoy the full impact of zesty lemon verbena and breezy lemon balm. Plenty of ice is essential for a delightfully cool sipping experience, and droplets of lemon juice from the fresh lemon garnish add summer sparkle. This serve is simplicity at its finest.
Fill a Highball glass to the brim with ice and pour in the zesty Smugglers Gin. Then top up with tonic water and briefly stir with a bar spoon. Take a fresh lemon wedge, and before garnishing squeeze to release drops of zingy lemon juice into the drink. And there you have it – the perfect botanical G&T!
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It's a classic with Smugglers Gin

Smugglers Gin is beautifully handcrafted, made with vibrant botanicals hand-grown in Edinburgh. The rich Scottish soil holds echoes of Edinburgh’s smuggling past, and as a result, our gins are infused with their sense of determination and purpose. Determined to delight, Smugglers Gin is filled with citrus zest, and is ideal for a Gin & Tonic that’s simple but sublime. Discover expressive pairing with a bottle of our award-winning Smugglers Gin.
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Smugglers Spirits | Hand Crafted Gin & Whiskey | Small Batch Spirits
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Smugglers Gin

Small batch London Dry Gin. Infused with natural citrus botanicals.
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