Old Sins Southside
Old Sins Southside
Old Sins Southside
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Old Sins Southside

Old Sins Gin
Lime Juice
Sugar Syrup
Fresh Mint Leaves
Mint Sprig
Nick & Nora Cocktail Glass
In our opinion, a Southside requires a fragrant gin to stand up against all that mint and lime. Old Sins Gin is not only packed full of aromatic hand-harvested botanicals, it’s a Navy Strength gin that will add a definitive kick to this cool minty cocktail. Using fresh mint leaves in the cocktail shaker creates a pronounced and refreshing mint flavour that combines perfectly with gin, citrus and sugar. Even better if you grow your own! This moreish summer cocktail is difficult to put down! Just keep sipping...
Pour the Old Sins Gin, lime juice and sugar syrup into a cocktail shaker, then add the mint leaves and fill with ice. Shake until the outside of the shaker turns frosty and double strain your Old Sins Southside into a Nick & Nora cocktail glass. Then add the finishing touch – a fresh sprig of mint to garnish.
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Mixed to perfection with Old Sins Gin

The exhilarating mix of naturally grown botanicals in Old Sins Gin adds a burst of expression to this Southside recipe, in particular the hand-harvested opium poppy contributes a touch of rebellion. Old Sins is an award-winning Navy Strength gin at 57.5%, and it might just make the strongest Southside you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. Give this recipe a go: you’ll be needing a bottle of Old Sins…
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Old Sins Gin

Small batch Navy Strength Gin with opium poppy. Rebellious; dark; exhilarating.
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