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Smugglers Gin

Our handcrafted London Dry gin is Scottish through and through. Naturally grown Scottish botanicals infuse the gin with passion – the passion of Edinburgh spirit smugglers of old. Refreshing lemon verbena, invigorating lemon balm and herbaceous Scots lovage are harvested by hand, protecting the planet and contributing aromatic zest. The botanicals infuse with light, breezy citrus and are joined by other carefully hand-harvested botanicals. Winner of a bronze World Gin Award, Smugglers Gin is soft on the palate with weaving notes of juniper. Enjoy in a cocktail, or over crushed ice with a squeeze of fresh lemon and your favourite premium mixer.

70 CL
40 ABV
Max Stock: 82
Smugglers Spirits New
The Experience

TAsting Notes

Lemon Verbena, Lemon Balm, Scots Lovage, Coriander Seeds, Angelica Root, Juniper & Winter Savoury. Let’s start with lemon verbena. Though the fresh, aromatic oils of this delightful botanical resemble lemon juice in their zesty contributions to gin, lemon verbena has its own light airy character that perfectly compliments the other botanicals in Smugglers Gin. Native Scottish botanicals such as Scots lovage, angelica root and coriander add crisp herbaceous infusions and distinct notes of pepper. Weaving notes of juniper unite the flavours to create an energetic citrus gin that’s soft, bright and zesty on the palate. Smugglers Gin is excellent in cocktails where the spirit is the star of the show, as well as in a classic G&T.
scots loveage scots loveage
lemon balm lemon balm
juniper juniper
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Smugglers Gin & Tonic

A zesty G&T: simplicity at its finest.
Smugglers Gin & Tonic
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Taste the botanicals - hand-harvested, locally grown in Edinburgh, and organically nurtured for the best tasting, sustainably produced gins. Perfect for cocktails, with mixer or all by themselves.

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