The Best Gin Gifts For Gin Lovers

Are you looking for the perfect gin gift to please the gin lover in your life? Then look no further than this list of the best gin gifts for gin lovers. This list is full of award-winning, versatile, handcrafted gins that make unique, indulgent and great tasting Christmas gin gifts for any gin fan.

Not only do the gins taste incredible – but they are all made in the UK using naturally grown, hand-harvested botanicals, ensuring the gins are produced with as little impact on the environment as possible. A win win situation, since this careful, natural way of handling botanicals ensures the gin flavours are vibrant and complex.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a gin gift in the UK to satisfy the sipping habits of your gin-loving friend/sister/brother/mum, we’re bound to have the solution for you somewhere in this list. With our diverse range including the traditional, the daring, the flavoured and of course, the festive, there are plenty of Christmas gin gifts to choose from. We’ve also included some testimonials from others who have bought and given these gins as gifts, so you don’t just have to take our word for it!


Smugglers Gin


Smugglers Gin is a traditional London Dry that would make a fantastic gift for a classic gin drinker. Hand harvested Lemon Verbena botanicals give the gin a subtle infusion of citrus that isn’t too overpowering and mixes beautifully with tonic, so this gin is a great gift for those who love a G&T. It is also packed full of the fragrant juniper flavour you’d expect from a London Dry Gin.

Smugglers Gin also won a bronze award in the highly competitive London Dry category at the World Drinks Awards – so if you’re looking to give the gin lover in your life a high-quality London Dry Gin, Smugglers Gin is the ideal gin gift.




"Sarah Colquhoun" (via Amazon):

“Gin tastes amazing and really beautiful bottle – the way it was wrapped and packed was beautiful too – easy for me & the perfect gift for mum, friends (and myself)!”

"Rory Cowan" (via Amazon): 

“I bought this for my partner for Christmas and we both absolutely loved it. Works perfectly in a GnT and the citrus flavours work super well in a negroni! We both agreed this might be our new favourite Gin.”


Winter Gin


When it comes to Christmas gin gifts, Winter Gin is an absolute classic. A gin that’s infused with tart, juicy cranberry balanced by a seasonal mix of warming spice botanicals is what everyone wants to be drinking at this time of year, so it makes an obvious gin gift choice. With so many ways to drink it, like in a hot gin and cranberry for example, Smugglers Winter Gin is a Christmas gift that will surely be appreciate by all!




Mad About Liqueur (via Amazon) titles their review of Smugglers Winter Gin “Perfect for a Christmas gift!”

“Great tasting gin, with very much a cranberry focused flavour. You can taste the cinnamon, ginger and cardamom too but they are more subtle. Goes great in a hot cranberry for those cold winter days or equally as good with a tonic or soda. Bottle looks great as well and makes a wonderful festive gift.”


Gin Baubles


 Gin baubles are a big hit around the festive season, and while the Christmas tree may already be up and decorated by the time you’re exchanging gifts on Christmas day, Smugglers gin baubles make lovely gin gift sets to surprise friends and family in the run up to Christmas.

Inside our fun festive gift box of tipsy tee decorations are all 6 of our handcrafted small batch gin range, each made with a spirited ensemble of sustainably grown Scottish botanicals, and presented in cute colourful baubles.

Our festive gin bauble gift sets will be rolling into our online shop very soon, so keep an eye on our website and follow us on Instagram for updates.


Old Sins Gin


 If the gin lover in your life is a fan of a stiff drink, then Smugglers Old Sins Gin will make the perfect gin gift. A contemporary Navy Strength gin that packs a punch, Old Sins is brimming with fragrant botanicals, including a rebellious infusion of opium poppy and floral geranium. With an ABV of 57.5% the gin is surprisingly smooth and utterly unique.

This gin would make a fantastic gift for anyone who likes mixing cocktails at home, since it tastes delightful when mixed and comes in a striking bottle that really stands out on a home bar.




Sylvia (via Amazon) titled her review "Will blow your head away"...

let's assume she enjoyed the experience because she also gave Old Sins 5 stars, and added:

“Worth the price, lovely with junipers, blackberries and mediterranean tonic.”

TC (via Amazon) says:

“A gin like no other! Navy Strength at 57.5%ABV and infused with poppy which causes the gin to take on a fantastic elongation of its colour when mixed! Great taste and packaging – makes a fab gift.”


Smugglers Flavoured Gins


Flavoured gins make excellent gifts – you can gift gin lovers their favourite flavour, or go for something more unique – and be credited with introducing them to their new go-to! A good orange flavoured gin makes a good Christmas gin gift, as we all know citrus flavours and the festive season go hand in hand.

Smugglers Orange Gin is a much more indulgent version of the satsuma at the bottom of the Christmas stocking – the warming zest of orange peel combines with herbaceous Scottish botanicals for a festive citrus infusion.

Smugglers Strawberry Gin and Raspberry Gin also make fantastic gin gifts. All of our flavoured gins are full strength and not overly sweet, so they are a great addition to cocktails.

Here are some delicious cocktail recipes to try with Smugglers flavoured gins.




Stacy Newton (via Amazon) says:

“My wife has risen to the challenge and has been successfully knocking this back. She says it is very smooth with a subtle taste of orange but you can still tell it's a gin. The bottle is very nice and makes a great gift due to its unusual artisan appearance.

“There is some sediment which I'm not sure if you should let settle or should shake to mix it up. Either way it doesn't affect the taste.”

- We’ll just note here that the sediment in Smugglers flavoured gins is a result of the completely natural colours and flavourings in the gin, just a side-effect of using real fruit! As Stacy said – the sediment doesn’t affect the taste – just give it a quick shake. Sorry Stacy, as you were saying:

“A very nice, unusual drink, recommend.”

Eire (via Amazon):

“I was very pleasantly surprised by this orange flavoured gin. It wasn't the sickly sweet and artificial punch I was expecting, but was a very well balanced floral citrus taste. It hints at the 'negroni-style' bitterness of zest and peel, balanced with a hint of sweetness that's far from the overwhelming sweetness of a marmalade or jam. A lovely flavour profile.

Miss S (via Amazon) is such a big fan of Smugglers Strawberry Gin, she’s hoping everyone will gift her a bottle!

“I'd go so far as to say this is THE nicest gin I have ever tasted!! It is gorgeous. With ice, two or three fresh English strawberries, a slice of cucumber, and a splash of tonic. If everyone bought me a bottle of this for my birthday, I would be very pleased. I recommend this to anyone wanting to try a flavoured gin.”

John (via Amazon) states:

“The three (Smugglers Gin) flavours are really nice in their own ways and the price is at first expensive, but the extra price point is because it isn't a 'run of the mill' normal gin, it really is rather nice to have something different and would look great on a gantry in a bar or private home on a drink cabinet.”


So there you go, hopefully you have been able to find some inspiration on this list of best gin gifts! Whether it’s a gin bauble gift set, festive Winter Gin or a delicious flavoured gin, gin gifts are the best way to please the gin lover in your life! Visit the Smugglers Spirits shop for more inspiration and free delivery on every order!

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