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Smugglers Spirits | Hand Crafted Gin & Whiskey | Small Batch Spirits

Winter Gin

Infused with tart juicy cranberry joined by a seasonal mix of naturally grown, hand-harvested spice botanicals designed to warm the palate. Nothing says winter quite like a soothing mix of cinnamon, ginger and cranberry, which intertwine to emulate distinctive flavours that we associate with frosty days and nights.

Our Winter Gin adds a delicious wintery touch to your cocktails, or can be sipped from a steamy mug of mulled gin and cranberry or hot gin and tonic. This gin is brimming with the joy of the season, and is perfect for a cold winter night in (or out). And let it be known, our Winter Gin loves a festive party.

50 CL
40% ABV
Max Stock: 29
Smugglers Spirits | Hand Crafted Gin & Whiskey | Small Batch Spirits
The Experience

TAsting Notes

Cranberry, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, Juniper, Winter Savory, Angelica Root & Coriander. These botanicals are all grown 100% naturally at the Secret Herb Garden in Edinburgh, and hand harvested to create a gin that’s distilled in harmony with nature. Under the slopes of the snowy Pentland Hills these juicy, spicy and herbaceous botanicals are combined in a flurry to give the Winter Gin a pleasantly fruity taste with a hint of cranberry tartness. The gin is laced with hints of gingerbread, cinnamon buns and ginger snaps - in other words it’s the perfect balance of seasonal sweet treats that we look forward to year after year.
cinnamon cinnamon
ginger ginger
coriander coriander
Our Serves

Gin & Cranberry Warmer

Smugglers Winter Gin adds warm winter spice to this fragrant, juicy cocktail. Fill your house with delicious festive aromas as you make it!
Gin & Cranberry Warmer
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Award-winning Flavoured Gin

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Taste the botanicals - hand-harvested, locally grown in Edinburgh, and organically nurtured for the best tasting, sustainably produced gins. Perfect for cocktails, with mixer or all by themselves.

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