Edinburgh Cocktail Week Cocktails Revealed

If you’re asking yourself: “When is Edinburgh Cocktail Week?” you’re in luck... because Edinburgh Cocktail Week kicked off today - and it's going to be here for the next 10 days!

And since the doors to the Cocktail Village are now officially open, we’re ready to spill the spirits... not literally obviously as every drop of Smugglers Gin is precious! What follows is a colourful list of the quirky, delicious and just slightly sinful cocktails that we’ll be serving at our pop-up cocktail bar this Cocktail Week! 

Want to know why Edinburgh Cocktail Week makes a great Edinburgh day out? Discover Edinburgh Cocktail Week.

Edinburgh Cocktail Week - otherwise known as the UK’s biggest cocktail festival - kicks off TODAY and we couldn’t be more ready! 

Sor-bet You Didn’t See This Coming: It’s The Irn Bru Float. 

Smugglers Scottish Vodka and Irn Bru sorbet makes for a cool combination of Scottishness! Equal parts sweet, tart and energising, this cocktail is topped with Fever Tree Raspberry & Rhubarb soda and epitomises fun. We recommend stirring the sorbet into the drink for a creamy texture and a flavour that pops: but hey, if you want to try and drink it with the sorbet on top we take no responsibility for the inevitable sorbet face plant that awaits you. 

The Smugglers Sweet Shop 

The next two cocktails sound like they belong in a nostalgic sweet shop – the Giant Strawb and the Raspberry Highball. These two indulgent cocktails are inspired by delicious sweety classics like Giant Strawbs and those zingy blue Raspberry belt sweets you loved as a kid. Not only is the Giant Strawb topped off with the fruity jelly sweets, the sweet mix of Smugglers Strawberry Gin, Chambryzette, Campari and blood orange soda means the drink tastes just like the real thing! 

The Raspberry Highball is a refreshing combo of Smugglers Raspberry Gin, Hypnotiq, and Elderflower Tonic, recreating the tangy deliciousness of the fizzy blue raspberry belt garnish. 

The Sinful: Sinners Sangria 

Our debaucherous Navy Strength Gin packs a punch in our new Sinners Sangria, topped with delicious raspberries and a dehydrated orange; although dehydrated is one thing you won’t be after sipping this fruity, refreshing sangria. Made with Old Sins Gin, peach syrup, Fever-Tree's White Grape And Apricot Soda and topped with Cava for sophisticated sipping. 

Grapefruit: It’s A Great Fruit (Sorry)

Love it or hate it: you can’t deny that grapefruit makes great cocktails – like our Grapefruit Collins. Just the perfect balance of sweet and tart, Fever-Tree's Pink Grapefruit Soda beautifully compliments the Smugglers Gin. Our zesty London Dry Gin infuses this fruity cocktail with the natural citrus flavours of lemon verbena, and Triple Sec tops off the citrus theme of this twist on a Collins. 

Classic G&Ts 

In addition to our cocktails we’re also offering a range of classic G&Ts from our pop-up bar in the Cocktail Village, featuring the stars of our spirits range! These include: 

Smugglers G&T featuring Smugglers Gin with a Lemon Verbena garnish. 

Smugglers Raspberry G&T, featuring Smugglers Raspberry Gin. 

Smugglers Orange G&T, featuring (yep, you guessed it) Smugglers Orange Gin. 

Smugglers Strawberry G&T, featuring Smugglers Raspberry Gin... (just kidding). It features Smugglers Strawberry Gin. 

Smugglers Old Sins G&T, featuring our Navy Strength Old Sins Gin. 

If these G&Ts made with locally-produced small batch Edinburgh gin sound good to you then come and pay us a visit at Edinburgh Cocktail Week! 

Get Your Wristbands Now  

These cocktails are available for 10 days only at Edinburgh Cocktail Week’s Cocktail Village at some incredible prices - the Raspberry Highball and Grapefruit Collins are only £5! So make sure to buy your wristbands and come and visit our pop-up bar at the Cocktail Village! 

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