Smugglers Spirits | Hand Crafted Gin & Whiskey | Small Batch Spirits
Smugglers Spirits | Hand Crafted Gin & Whiskey | Small Batch Spirits

Smugglers Vodka

Introducing Smugglers Scottish Vodka. As bold and daring as the Scottish spirit smugglers of old, it’s inspired by the beauty and vitality of our homeland. Made using wheat grown GMO-free in rich Scottish soil and distilled with pure Scottish water, the very essence of Scotland can be tasted in this crisp, lively vodka. We present a vodka that’s made for sharing with pals and family – a vodka that couldn’t be more Scottish if it tried.
37.5% ABV
Max Stock: 50
Smugglers Spirits | Hand Crafted Gin & Whiskey | Small Batch Spirits
The Experience

TAsting Notes

Fragrant citrus, sweet honey and freshly baked bread are the sumptuous aromas that effuse from this Scottish Vodka. A smooth and creamy mouthfeel and a crisp, clean taste make it ideal for cocktails, and equally delicious in a vodka soda or vodka tonic. One sip contains the power and beauty of the Scottish elements, and the finish is as lively and fresh as the water used in its distillation – water from unspoiled Scottish springs.
honey honey
citrus citrus
breads breads
Our Serves

Vodka Tonic

Simplify at its best, this combination allows the delicate nuances of Smugglers Scottish Vodka to sing through. 
Vodka Tonic
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When life gives you the purest water on the planet, make vodka! This was our philosophy when we decided to make our #PureScottish vodka, distilled using water from fresh unspoiled springs. They say that Scotland's national drink is whisky; but ask any bartender worth their garnish and they'll tell you more Scottish people ask for vodka than anything else. That’s why we make vodka that’s crisp, clean and perfect for a whole clan of serves, from cocktails to long vodkas, to vodka sodas and vodka tonics. Pour our Scottish Vodka over ice for ultimate refreshment – what you add next is up to you!

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