5 Reasons “A Bottle of Something” Makes A Great Gift

We’ve all been there: straining our minds thinking about what to get for that one friend or family member that’s really difficult to buy for. But don’t let your December be consumed by gift uncertainty! From supporting small, local businesses to gifting strikingly designed gin bottles, we’re here with 5 reasons “a bottle of something” is one of the best gift ideas out there – plus some inspired gift suggestions!


1. Everyone’s Got A Type


And by type, we mean a drink of choice! Unless your friend is enormously picky (drinks only water), you’ll have no problems selecting the perfect bottle for them - even if they’re alcohol-free!

A whiskey drinker will always appreciate a good bottle of whiskey – they’ll especially appreciate this one from Malones Irish Whiskey – while wine, gin and vodka drinkers will be delighted to receive a bottle of their favourite tipple. You could even find out their favourite flavours and personalise your gift by selecting a flavoured gin they’ll love.

At Smugglers Spirits we have expressive, natural flavoured gins such as Strawberry, Orange, Raspberry and our Christmas spiced Winter Gin ready and waiting on our website to be gifted. For those who don’t drink alcohol, it’s not difficult to find some lovely no or low alcohol gifts, such as this breezy botanical spirit from Feragaia.


2. Bottles Are Beautiful


Bottled gifts are even better when they’re aesthetically pleasing. Especially when gifting spirits, since they’re likely to be hanging around on your recipient’s home bar for a while! Gift them a bottle they’ll want to look at every day – like this quirky, enchanting bottle of Old Sins Navy Strength Gin. Buy it here.


3. Your Gift Can Support Small, Local Brands


We’re a small team here at Smugglers Spirits and we’d be thrilled if you choose to gift any of our range of Scottish gins and vodka to your loved ones this Christmas. As a thank you for ordering from our website, you’ll receive a voucher for 10% off your next order – so you can treat yourself too! 

Our handcrafted small batch gins are distilled in the Pentland Hills surrounding Edinburgh, using an expressive mix of naturally grown, hand-harvested botanicals. Our Scottish Vodka is and clean refreshing, made with GMO-free wheat and pure Scottish water. The range is defined by bold flavours, and all our spirits make a mean cocktail - especially Old Sins Gin, which really packs a punch! 

Visit our shop to find the perfect Christmas gift.


4. Spirits Make Great Gifts For Sharers…


A bottle of gin or vodka goes a long way when the recipient is feeling generous, and Christmas is all about sharing! Encourage your friends’ creative sides with smooth premium spirits that make exquisite cocktails. Then organise a cocktail making sesh followed by cocktail party - with your alcohol gifts at the centre of it all. Our Smugglers Scottish Vodka and Smugglers Gin are both perfect for this – just be prepared because everyone will be asking you for this pair next year!


5. ...And For Scrooges


But really, where’s the harm if they want to save their gift and drink it all themselves? It is a gift to them after all!

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