The New Smugglers Spirits Signature Serves

A new year means new signature serves! Somehow, we’re already a couple of months in (though some might say dry January doesn’t count). Now that we’re all drinking again, we’ve been creating (and drinking) 3 new cocktails featuring Smugglers Gin, Smugglers Scottish Vodka and Old Sins Gin.

These cocktails are easy to make at home, and are specifically tailored to the flavour profiles of our spirits to draw out their award-winning qualities. They combine local, small batch spirits such as Port of Leith Oloroso and Edinburgh Old Poison Bitter with our own Smugglers gins and vodka. Not only have these cocktails been carefully curated to taste divine, they also highlight one of the best things about Edinburgh: its craft drinks brands! After all, who’s drinks cabinet isn’t longing for a splash of the historic Scottish Capital.


Smugglers Martini

Crisp and sophisticated, this Smugglers Martini is based around Smugglers Gin. Our citrus flavoured London Dry won a gold medal and the title of Best Scottish London Dry Gin at the World Gin Awards 2023.

The cocktail is a celebration of both taste, and Edinburgh's rich spirits history. Port of Leith Oloroso represents the historic epicentre of Scotland's whisky trade. Leith was the first port of call for the Oloroso Sherry casks arriving from southern Spain, and the smugglers knew it well! Once empty, the casks were distributed across the country and used to mature Scotland’s national drink.

The natural, vibrant botanicals in Smugglers Gin create mouth-watering zesty citrus and rich juniper notes. A lemon twist garnish adds a stylish finishing touch.


50ml Smugglers Gin

10ml Dry Vermouth

5ml Port of Leith Oloroso

Garnish: Lemon twist


Add the Smugglers Gin, Dry Vermouth and Oloroso to a mixing glass and stir. Serve in a Nick & Nora glass and garnish with an intricate lemon twist.


Pure Scottish Jungle Burd

There's an exotic, fruity drink that will bring a smile to the face of any Scot - and that drink is the Pure Scottish Jungle Burd. Made with Smugglers Pure Scottish Vodka and Edinburgh Old Poison Bitter, this cocktail is half Auld Reekie, half tropical paradise.

Smugglers Vodka is made from the highest quality Scottish wheat, and pure Scottish water from Pentland springs. The vodka’s clean, smooth taste makes it ideal for cocktails, and here it is complimented by the herbs, fruits and spices in the Old Poison bitters.


40ml Smugglers Vodka

40ml Pineapple juice

10ml Edinburgh Old Poison Bitter

10ml Sugar syrup

10ml Lime juice

Garnish: Mint/pineapple/orange


Build the Scottish vodka, bitters, pineapple juice, lime juice and sugar syrup in a cocktail tin and shake well with ice. Double strain into a rocks glass and garnish with a sprig of mint, a pineapple wedge or leaf and an orange wedge.


The Sinner’s Negroni

Our Old Sins Navy Strength Gin - winner of a silver medal at the World Gin Awards – plus Old Poison Vermouth are a force to be reckoned with in this fragrant, punchy cocktail. An orange twist garnish adds an alluring infusion of zest. Tempted?

We use the finest naturally grown, hand-harvested botanicals in our Old Sins Gin. The headliners are opium poppy seeds and geranium, which together with the 57.5% proof make for a bold, tantalising cocktail. Like all our new serves, the Sinner’s Negroni is an easy cocktail to make at home.


30ml Old Sins Gin

25ml Old Poison Vermouth

25ml Campari

Garnish: Orange twist


Fill a mixing glass with ice, pour in the gin, vermouth and Campari and stir for 20 seconds. Then pour into a rocks glass over a cube of ice. Express the oils of orange peel by holding at both ends and twisting over the glass. Drop the twist into the cocktail to garnish.


About Smugglers Spirits

Our spirits are inspired by the bold 18th century spirit smugglers who once held sway in Edinburgh. Their stories are remarkable – such as the night of the Porteous Riots, when the smugglers, unabashed and unafraid, freed their city from the oppression of a corrupt Captain and the injustice of government. Thanks to the smugglers, spirits were able to remain a vital part of life in Edinburgh even through prohibition, and have remained so ever since! Therefore, our Edinburgh-made, small batch, hand-crafted spirits bear the Smugglers name as a reminder of their determination and spirit.

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Our range of gins and Scottish vodka are distilled at the foot of the Pentland Hills in Edinburgh. Each gin contains a vibrant assortment of botanicals that are grown on site and carefully hand-harvested to reduce CO2 emissions.

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Our spirits are designed to be versatile. They take cocktails to the next level, and are equally enjoyable neat or with a premium mixer. We are driven by purpose to provide drinking experiences that are good for the planet, and enchanting for the senses.
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