Ivy Lodge Aberdeen Opens Stunning New Bar

Ivy Lodge Aberdeen’s newly opened late night bar is the latest bar to stock our range of handcrafted small-batch Scottish spirits!

Ivy Lodge – an Aberdeen bar located in the historic Shiprow Village – have recently unveiled their new second floor bar, doubling capacity to 300 and becoming one of the biggest bars in Aberdeen in the process!

The bar itself: pretty impressive. From a stunning floor-to-ceiling gantry packed with bottles and glowing with colour, to eye-catching hanging lights increasing the warm ambience above the bar. Aberdeen’s latest bar is a great place for a selfie – the old, exposed brick walls are adorned with neons and quirky slogans.



It’s also the perfect place if you’re looking to get your cocktail fix. On that magnificent gantry you’ll find a diverse range of spirits, including the ones we’re most excited about… bottles upon bottles of Smugglers Spirits! 

Our award-winning Navy Strength and London Dry gins, our flavours and our Scottish Vodka - you'll find them all at this stunning new Aberdeen cocktail bar.



If When you find yourself visiting, why not ask for the fun and expressive Hoola-tini cocktail, made with Smugglers Scottish Vodka and packed with mouth-watering tropical fruit flavours and vanilla. Try a Strawberry Gin Sour, an intriguing cocktail made with Smugglers Strawberry Gin, or a sophisticated Orange Blu-secco – Smugglers Orange Gin, Blue Curaçao and bitters topped with Prosecco.

Want to try Smugglers Spirits at home or buy a bottle as a gift? Good news - you can order online with free shipping! Visit our shop.



The Aberdeen bar, which has up until now been a spot for al fresco drinking and dining, is open ‘til late - a nice contrast to the area downstairs, which closes at 10pm. While the outdoor pop-up bar downstairs is still going strong (having been just as busy this winter as it was in the summer), the party can now continue upstairs into the wee hours!

“We’ve got all the heaters downstairs, so it’s nice to have this indoor part as well,” says Monica McQuilter, general manager of the Ivy Lodge Aberdeen. “And something that will stay open later as well.”

The huge second floor refurbishment has opened just in time for Christmas, and is busy welcoming groups for Christmas parties.

Monica says, “We’ve got so many people booked in for their Christmas parties” and she adds: “Mad Friday is going to be mad!”



The upstairs bar looks down onto one of Aberdeen’s oldest streets, which has become a hotspot for locals and visitors looking for quaint drinking spots, thanks to the Shiprow Village regeneration project.

The new Aberdeen bar is the latest step in the project which aims for Shiprow Village to sit at the heart of Aberdeen’s nightlife scene. And it’s already well on the way - with coffee shops, pubs and bars such as The Craftman Coffee & Ale House, Molly’s Bistro and Malones Aberdeen all a part of the collective.

“It’s really good to have local, small independent businesses as well as the chance to all work together,” says Monica, who has been involved with the Shiprow Village project for two years. “There’s so much history here and it’s good to see all the feedback we’re getting from people that have never been down to this part of town for a while.”



With it’s striking décor, location at the heart of Aberdeen’s up-and-coming nightlife scene and delectable drinks (including Smugglers Spirits!) and cocktails, the new bar at Ivy Lodge Aberdeen is the place to drink this winter!

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