Smugglers Strawberry & Basil Smash
Smugglers Strawberry & Basil Smash
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Smugglers Strawberry & Basil Smash

Smugglers Gin
Lemon Juice
Sugar Syrup
Fresh Strawberries
Fresh Basil Leaves
1/2 Strawberry And Basil Leaf
Rocks Glass
This fruity Smash cocktail is absolutely perfect for summer picnics and BBQs, and for sipping in the garden pretending you’re at Wimbledon. The combination of the fresh citrus-y Smugglers Gin, sweet strawberries and herbaceous basil is just the tonic when the sun’s out. But of course this is Scotland, so while the sun is optional, this cocktail is a must! A Smash is imperfect by definition, so you can have plenty of fun with this recipe. Sometimes rules are made to be broken, so go wild: add that extra strawberry.
Pour the Smugglers Gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup into a cocktail shaker and add in the strawberries and basil. Fill the shaker with ice and shake until the outside of the shaker turns frosty. Double strain the Smugglers Strawberry & Basil Smash into a rocks glass. Garnish with half a strawberry and a fresh basil leaf for extra flair!
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Smash it with Smugglers Gin

The refreshing lemon verbena and lemon balm botanicals in our award-winning Smugglers Gin bring the citrus to this fruity cocktail, while Scots lovage intertwines with basil to give the cocktail its fresh herbaceous notes. Naturally grown and hand-harvested, the botanicals in Smugglers Gin mix perfectly with fresh fruits and herbs for delicious cocktails every time.
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