Old Sins & Ginger
Old Sins & Ginger
Old Sins & Ginger
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Old Sins & Ginger

Old Sins Gin
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Premium Ginger Beer
Orange Wedge
Highball Glass
Ginger beer is the ultimate summer picnic staple, and the addition of Old Sins Navy Strength Gin makes this fiercely refreshing drink pop with flavour. The fresh, naturally grown opium poppy, angelica, and floral geranium shine through, deliciously balancing the spicy ginger. Orange wedges make the perfect garnish, as the fresh citrus fruit marries with the Old Sins Gin’s lemon verbena and lemon balm botanicals. For the best result squeeze the orange into the drink before garnishing to infuse with precious drops of citrus. This serve is easy to make at home since all you need is three ingredients!
Fill a Highball glass with good quality ice and pour in the Old Sins Gin. Top up a premium ginger beer and stir with a bar spoon. Take a fresh wedge of orange and squeeze above the glass, releasing the juices into the cocktail, and use to garnish.
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Spice it up with Old Sins Gin

The Old Sins & Ginger is a strong and spicy serve defined by the Navy Strength of Old Sins Gin and the exhilarating mix of naturally grown botanicals. Opium poppy, lemon verbena, angelica root and geranium make a formidable team. Try a bottle of our award-winning Old Sins Gin to find out what all the fuss is about.
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Old Sins Gin

Small batch Navy Strength Gin with opium poppy. Rebellious; dark; exhilarating.
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