Made In Scotland - Smugglers Scottish Vodka

Prior to this summer, if we’d asked you where is vodka made, what would your first answer have been? Russia perhaps, or maybe Poland. We doubt Scotland would have even crossed your mind, it probably wouldn’t have made it into your top 5.

But at Smugglers Spirits, we recently released a vodka which changed all that: Smugglers Scottish Vodka – and it has received quite the reception.


Local, Sustainable Scottish Vodka

Produced at the foot of the Pentland Hills, our Scottish Vodka is distilled using GMO-free Scottish wheat and pure Scottish water. It is made at the Secret Garden Distillery - which strives for sustainability and to become carbon negative.

The Vodka is inspired by the beauty and vitality of the natural environment in Scotland - it’s crisp, it’s clear and it’s refreshing, just like a hike to a remote Scottish loch.

This premium vodka makes simple cocktails stand out, and it’s smooth, creamy and botanical enough to be thoroughly enjoyed neat. Just like a great Scotch whisky, its geographical origin, taste and quality speak for themselves.


Tasting Notes

The official tasting notes go something like this:

Fragrant citrus, sweet honey and freshly baked bread are the sumptuous aromas that hit your nostrils as you pour. Once sipped, the vodka gives a smooth and creamy mouthfeel and the crisp, clean flavour is like tasting the power and beauty of the Scottish elements. The finish is as lively and fresh as the Scottish water used in distillation.


A Tour of Scotland

In the months since our Scottish Vodka’s release, we have introduced the concept of a premium Scottish Vodka across the country at various tradeshows, including Foodies Festival in Edinburgh and Glasgow. We were overwhelmed by the positive response we received from everyone who tried a wee sample.

Smugglers pure Scottish Vodka was also a big hit at Edinburgh Cocktail Week, where visitors couldn’t get enough of our vodka, rhubarb and raspberry cocktail topped with a tasty scoop of Irn Bru sorbet.

For more Scottish Vodka cocktail inspiration check out the serves section of our website.


Where Can I Buy Smugglers Scottish Vodka?

Having done our research, we knew that vodka was the most popular drink ordered in the majority of Scottish bars, but we couldn’t have predicted just how popular our pure Scottish Vodka would become with you all over the past few months - it has become our most popular spirit!

Smugglers Scottish Vodka is now available behind the bars of vibrant venues across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, including Malones pubs, Festival Village Edinburgh and Festival Village Glasgow and Edinburgh cocktail bar Cask Smugglers.

Bottles of the vodka can be purchased from our online shop, as well as from Amazon, where it has already amassed 5-star status.


What Our Customers Are Saying

In the past few months since launch, you’ve been raving about Smugglers Scottish Vodka. Here’s what our customers are saying:

“E. Smith”, via Amazon:

“This vodka stands up well against other vodkas in its price bracket. Personally, I find it much more pleasant to drink straight compared to other more famous brands, firstly as it has a nice sweet citrus flavour, which is something you do not get from other brands.

Secondly, it makes a good cocktail. I made the Smugglers V&T included on the product page here and the sweet citrusy hint really comes through. This same cocktail is not something I would try with other vodkas, which have a more grainy taste.

In my opinion, this is a great vodka and can be drunk straight and you can also make fantastic cocktails, all for a very reasonable price.”

“Bluebell girl” via Amazon says:

“This is a really nice Vodka. It comes in an attractive bottle. I think my preference is to have a small shot over ice, straight. Not the cheapest of drinks I would say however it is worth the money due to the beautiful taste. Great for a treat.”

We totally agree Bluebell girl, it really does make a great treat. It also makes a fantastic birthday gift or Christmas present – especially since it comes in such an attractive bottle.

“Dave M”, via Amazon, describes the vodka as “smooth with a sweet aftertaste”. He also compares it to Smirnoff, stating that while Smirnoff is “almost astringent in your mouth” Smugglers Scottish is “much more floral at first taste with more of a honey and baked apple taste.” Where Smirnoff delivers “a wallop of almost acidic cleaning as it swirls in your mouth followed by a “sharp and clean” aftertaste, Smugglers Vodka “rather than a wallop, slowly subsides leaving a sweetness in your mouth that lingers for a good minute or two.”


Scottish Vodka Doesn’t Disappoint

Our Scottish Vodka comes at a slightly more premium price, but it’s totally worth it for a locally made, sustainable vodka that’s as delicious and versatile as this!

If you still haven’t tried it then head to our shop to buy a beautiful bottle of pure Scottish Vodka – it doesn’t disappoint, but it will disappear! Hic.

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