Smugglers Gin Featured In British Vogue

Imagine taking a slow sip from a crisp, zesty gin margarita, infusing your day with the freshness of spring, no matter the season. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? After featuring in Vogue Retail, Smugglers Spirits have been freshening up the gin market with our vibrant citrus blend – Smugglers Gin. 

British Vogue arguably have the authority on style in the UK. With over one hundred years of experience in elegance and sophistication, the word ‘Vogue’ has become synonymous with quality. Since the recent overwhelming migration to online shopping and browsing, Vogue’s online issues are a staple in promoting new, premium products to shoppers on the lookout for luxury. 

Vogue Retail points the way to fashionable new products to enrich consumers’ lives. Their food and drink section features a mouthwatering array of carefully hand-selected delights – and now this eclectic collection proudly includes Smugglers Gin. 

Featured in Vogue Retail’s Spring Line-Up, Smugglers Gin is identifiable in a quirky image of the smooth glass bottle, with its intricate blue label, resting in a bed of leaves. Emphasising the quality of the three main botanicals: Scots Lovage, Lemon Balm and Lemon Verbena, the feature notes that the blend of these naturally grown, hand-picked botanicals is as fresh as it is vibrant.

Distilled at the Old Curiosity Distillery in Scotland, Smugglers Gin is a handcrafted, small batch gin that’s bursting with flavour, and according to Vogue, its brimming with style too.


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