Scottish Smugglers Gin Scoops Up World Gin Award

A win at the World Gin Awards 2021, we’re over the moon.

Though the competition was tough, Smugglers Gin triumphed and was recognised at the awards for its deliciously crisp taste. A small-batch gin using naturally grown botanicals, Smugglers Gin was enjoyed by the expert judges, who noted the gin’s ‘lovely smell of juniper’, ‘classic style’ and ‘softness on the palate’.

The crisp, refreshing flavours of Smugglers Gin are best enjoyed over crushed ice with premium tonic. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime for a zesty finish. The versatility of the gin also makes it great for cocktails, adding a breathless punch of citrus and beautifully complimenting other flavours.

Order Smugglers Gin from our shop and try for yourself!

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