Smuggling Sustainable Spirits

As Sir David Attenborough will tell you, there’s nothing more important than protecting our planet. Great gin shouldn’t cost the earth; there are plenty of ways to make sustainable gin as good for the environment as it is for our tastebuds. Naturally grown botanicals, hand-harvesting and innovative packaging, here are some methods for sustainably made gin.


Start With Nature

Sustainable gin starts simply with nature. Chemicals, pesticides, herbicides: even the words sound harmful. Ditching these and growing gin botanicals naturally ensures a harmonious relationship with wildlife, particularly our essential friends – the honeybees! You’ll also find a natural vibrancy in flavour when sipping your gin, so everyone’s a winner. Botanicals for Smugglers Gins come from a secret garden at the aptly named Secret Garden Distillery in Edinburgh, full of beautiful naturally grown botanicals and wonderful wildlife.


The Power’s In Our Hands

A lighter touch on the ground can dramatically reduce carbon footprint in sustainable gin production. When soil is ploughed with machinery, CO2 that was trapped underground is released into the atmosphere. However, when gin botanicals are harvested by hand, the global warming inducing carbon not only stays put, but more is actually captured from the surrounding air. When it comes to botany, there’s no better machine than our own two hands!


A Green Bottle

No, not the colour green: our bottles are clear to show off our fantastic sustainable gins! But they are also recyclable, and sealed with biodegradable viscose shrink bands. Sustainable innovation must be applied even to the smallest packaging details, and though labels made with 30% grass and 70% FSC-certified virgin pulp may sound weird, who wants to be normal right? Especially when being different means 97% less energy and 99% less water produced, with CO2 savings of about 20%. Definitely not to be sniffed at.


Great Sustainable Gin Comes Naturally

Smugglers Spirits endeavour to make our gins as sustainable as possible. Our ability to create delicious and innovative flavours of gin is a gift from nature, and we haven’t forgotten our manners. When the gift of gin is given, we say cheers, and we give back to our planet. 

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