Smugglers Gin - 50cl

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Product Description

Our Smuggler’s hand-crafted, small batch house gin is distilled in Scotland to a secret recipe which includes Scots Lovage, Lemon Balm and Lemon Verbena, to create a classic dry gin with a crisp citrus finish. Enjoy simply over crushed ice with a squeeze of fresh Lemon or Lime and your favourite premium mixer. 


"This gin with its savoury notes of Scots Lovage is a local hero that demands to be taken seriously, in a world of frivolous imitators. Like any rogue it punches above its weight and is resilient enough to stand up to the rigours of tonic water in a long gin and tonic. With the notes of Lemon Verbena it is equally at home with the understated company of a dry martini. This gin can be enjoyed both out on the town or smuggled home for more relaxed appreciation.” 


“This gin is a solid and well made offering, well balanced and doesnt put a foot wrong.


 There is enough backbone for the hardcore juniper fans amongst us, and enough citrus and top note dexterity, for both amateur and professional mixology types alike.”

Matthew Pauley from the Distillers Nose, expert in Gin Sensory and Distillery.