Forced underground for centuries, legendarily elusive distillers handcrafted liquids in secret to avoid hefty fines, tough sentences and in many cases death. 

Smugglers Gin is a modern solution for an old time problem. As we face our own new era of prohibition in the hospitality industry we were inspired to turn our venue Cask Smugglers into a hub of modern smuggling and so Smugglers Spirits was born.

The Smuggling went so well we sought out the finest distillers to create us the rarest of premium liquids which we could call our own. These pair perfectly with our original concoctions to allow us to smuggle you sumptuous and rich indulgences direct to your door. 

Our history gathers motivation from the little known prohibition eras in Scotland in the 1700s and then again in the 1920s.

Porteous, was a Captain of the Edinburgh City Guard. He was known for his brutality and his hatred for those who smuggled goods, evading excise duties. Over his dead body would he allow smuggling to occur in the city of Edinburgh. 

On the night of September 7th 1736 following a trial against Porteous for ferociously torturing and butchering two fellow smugglers, a 4000 strong mob of Edinburgh locals captured and dragged Porteous through the city streets before lynching him in the Grass Market of what is now the Old Town, and, over his dead body, smuggling continued. 

Now, in less ruthless, yet challenging times, we carry on this tradition of smuggling, albeit legally (the lawyers made us add that part), throughout the streets Porteous once ruled and further, with his face firmly printed on our labels. You can read more about Porteus in our Smugglers Tales tab.