The Detox - Beetroot & Apple Gin Martini

An easy to make and impressive Smuggler's Gin cocktail. Guaranteed to whip up excitement with its crisp, velvety flavour and unusual appearance. 

Be the hero of the day with a detox everyone will love!

The Detox - Beetroot & Apple Gin Martini
The Detox - Beetroot & Apple Gin Martini
Glass: Coupe
Equipment:  Shaker, Strainer, Fine Strainer, Jigger
Ingredients: Puree (Beetroot, Apple Slices), Smugglers Gin, Simple Syrup, Apple Juice, Egg White
Ice: Cubed
Chill coupe glass
In shaker add 10ml cooked beetroot juice and a small piece of beetroot chopped, add a quarter of an apple finely sliced.
Muddle thoroughly and add 50ml apple juice.
Dry shake and strain into a separate glass.
Clean shaker 

In clean shaker add 50ml Smugglers Gin, 10ml Simple Syrup, Egg White and the mixture from the separate glass.
Dry shake for 30 secs to get a solid foam
Add cubed ice
Shake for 30 secs
Double strain into coupe glass
Leave to settle
    Get all the glory for your amazing cocktail skills!